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    Welcome to SEPCOIII ! Set home

    Chapter One Core Ideology

    Enterprise Mission

    To build excellent projects, fulfill customer aspirations and promote the welfare of society.

    Enterprise Vision

    To be the top brand in China’s Electric Power Construction industry,
    to be the leader in the global power construction EPC field.

    Core Values

    Integrity, Innovation, Efficiency, Responsibility

    Workforce Spirit

    Self-improvement, Persistence, Science and Transcendence

    Working Style

    Steely faith, indomitable will, strict discipline, perfect skill, resolute actions, invincibility

    Management Principles

    Robust, Pioneering, Rational, Win-win

    Organizational Environment

    Unity, Tension, Earnest, Activity

    Strategic Thinking

    Guiding Ideology

    A practical approach to the future development of the environment. A practical approach to the future development of the organization.

    Industrial Insight

    In the future, domestic electric power construction will be smoother and more rational
    Domestic market competition will be increasingly fierce
    There are great opportunities for electric power construction in developing countries

    Core Competence

    Our future depends on cultivation of the following core competences:
    Decision-making capacity and leadership of the executive team
    Learning and innovation capacity of the executive and core team
    Executive capacity of the core team
    Operation capacity

    Operation Principle

    Marketing Concept

    Markets need constant cultivation
    Markets need close monitoring because of their rapidly changing nature
    Markets need advanced analysis and understanding
    Markets need our attention

    Brand Concept

    Brand is the external expression of the enterprise’s internal quality
    Brand is the key to opening the doors of a market
    Brand needs to be cherished by all employee


    Enterprises need sustainable development
    Enterprise development should coordinate with internal ability and the external environment
    Enhance competitive ability during the process of development

    Project Management

    Quality Concept

    Quality is the life of enterprise, which concerns our self-respect
    Constructing excellent projects is our eternal pursuit
    Professional staff is the fundamental guarantee of quality

    Cost Control

    Cost control ability is one of the important abilities for market competition
    Cost control goes through the whole process of operation
    Saving equals more income

    Time Management

    Time is an important reflection of an enterprises’ credibility
    Time is the joint legal agreement of two parties
    We should not sacrifice quality, safety and efficiency to shorten the construction time


    Safety is the prerequisite for an enterprise’s survival
    Safety is the ultimate example of care for its employees
    Safety can be controlled and accidents can be avoided


    Concept of Responsibility and Power

    Power is subject to responsibility
    Power is proportional to responsibility; more power entails more responsibility
    Duties can be separated, but responsibility is without borders.
    Power without control leads to corruption


    Willingness, capability and good performance


    Matching one’s ability to one’s position,being ready for both promotion and demotion.


    Success or failure depends on performance
    Performance management is key to the improvement of the organization’s and its employee’s competency, as well as implementation of its strategy
    More emphasis is laid on team performance than individual performance


    Equal distribution does not mean equality
    Salary mirrors individual performance


    Predictable and unpredictable crises co-exist
    Any employee in any position is dispensable

    Regulations for Employees


    Sense of Membership

    Gratitude, Loyalty