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    Welcome to SEPCOIII ! Set home

    SEPCOⅢ Orginzed a Charitable Donation Activity Themed as “ The world is filled with love”

    2017-3-8 18:37:03

    At 8:30 am of March 6,2017,the SEPCOIII organized a charitable donation activity themed as “ The world is filled with love”. Mr.Wang Li, the company’s Party Secretary, Mr.Zhou Hongbo, Mr. Zhang Huanxiang,Mr. Ren Jianhui, the vice present of SEPCOIII to attend the activities and take the lead to donate. Leaders travel for business failed also trust staff to donated; The staffs involved in the scene of the donation activity, received the compassion donation of more than 50000 yuan.

    Since 2011,the activity has been successful for six years. 2016, the foundation to apply and comply with the conditions of member relief fund of 280550 yuan, funded the six members and 10 families.

    “The world is filled with love” activity carried out in branches, Weifang base, projects, egion.